Sharing Economy; an opportunity or a challenge for Dalarna?

Sharing Economy; an opportunity or a challenge for Dalarna?

2017-10-26 pM. 07:30 - 16:30

Dalarna Science Park/Teknikdalen och Högskolan Dalarna.



Welcome to join a day with focus on sharing economics.

Sharing economics is about smart resource management, that is, increasing the utilization rate of existing resources and finding smart ways to design new products. With increased use of resources, we can jointly create values ​​for both the wallet and the environment. We invite you to work in the business and public sector for this knowledge day to show examples in sharing economics and discuss how we can together create sustainability in practice.

If you can not participate all day, choose the part of the day that suits you.


07.30-09.00 Sustainable breakfast

Presentation and conversation with lecturers Boo Östberg, Fredrik Östlin and representatives from industry.
Moderator Åsa Minoz.

Choose either to follow the public track or business track:

09.30 – 12.30 Public track (local: Dalarna University, room 322)

The importance of the share economy for sustainable urban development (Knivsta municipality) and Smart resource management with public sector digitization (off2off)

09.30 -12.30 Business track (Ljusgården, Dalarna Science Park)

Strategies and Business Concepts in the Sharing Economics (Husqvarna Group) and Real-Time Electric Car Spool (Move About)

12.30-14. 00 Durable lunch, mingel and mini fair with sharing platforms

14.00 – 14.30 Panel, discussion and next step + coffee

15.00 – 16.30 Open lecture with sustainability profile Niclas Ihrén, Matters Group – Opportunities and challenges in share economics

Organizer: Dalarna Science Park and Högskolan Dalarna.

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