About Dalarna

About Dalarna

Living in Dalarna is so much more than just dala-horses, red houses and falukorv (special sausage). We are a well-liked, year-round, tourist destination, and one of Sweden’s leading export counties, with everything from large, international companies to small, genuinely local companies.


Dalarna stretches from the mountains around lake Grövelsjön in the north, down to the Dalälvs province and the fertile land in the south. From the wilderness and ski-resorts in the west, to the folk music’s lake Bingsjö and the forests in the east. In the middle, lake Siljan spreads out between Leksand, Rättvik and Mora’s distant blue mountains. The two largest cities, Falun and Borlänge, are situated a bit further south. They share an archipelago in the the lake Runn.

  • Approximately 277 000 people live here.
  • The county has 15 municipalities.
  • The surface is approximately 28 000 square kilometres, approximately as large as Belgium.
  • Dalarna is Sweden’s 4th largest tourist destination.
  • The county is Sweden’s fifth largest export county. It is the second biggest if one calculates per citizen.


With the EU’s stake in Smart Specialisation, scientific breakthroughs are transformed into innovative products and services, with the aim to create growth and employment. This means that one systematically builds up research and innovation work that is based on the region’s strengths.


In a cluster, companies work together in order to e.g. improve the products, increase the sales, create joint marketing, and attract skills. The cluster receives extra strength if they also collaborate with public players and the college.


The Invest in Dalarna Agency works within promoting investments, with the purpose of strengthening the regional trade and industry and the region’s attractiveness, as well as to increase the growth of small and medium companies. This mainly occurs through marketing of the regional trade and industry and advising. The advising is free, impartial, and happens in secret. The advice and service that Invest in Dalarna provides is tailor-made based on the customer’s needs, in order to ensure investments that are sustainable in the long-term within Dalarna and Sweden.


  • The world’s first joint stock company was started in Falun.
  • Sweden’s first official sports competition happened in Falun in 1792.
  • Njupeskär in the Fulu mountain is Sweden’s highest waterfall, with a fall height of 75 metres.
  • The founder of H&M, Erling Persson, came from Borlänge. He also introduced the Christmas star into our homes. Tindra crystal, the collapsible, seven-pointed, yellow-red Christmas star made from cardboard, with small, star-shaped holes that became a success.
  • Selma Lagerlöf lived in Falun when she wrote the book The Wonderful Adventures of Nils.
  • Lake Siljan was created by a meteorite shower 360 million years ago.
  • The world’s oldest tree is 9550 years old and can be found on Fulu mountain in Dalarna.
  • Dalarna’s provincial weapon is one of the oldest in Sweden. It already existed during Gustav Vasa’s time in the 1520s.
  • Falu Mine’s history is older than that of Sweden. Ore was already mined here in the 700s.

More information about Dalarna county can be found on the county’s website