Smart specialisation in Dalarna

Smart specialisation in Dalarna

With the EU’s stake in Smart Specialisation, scientific breakthroughs are transformed into innovative products and services, with the aim to create growth and employment. This means that one systematically builds up research and innovation work that is based on the region’s strengths.

The work is followed-up on in a so-called regional research and innovation strategy (RIS3), and is a guideline to obtain access to the EU’s development and research resources. In the vision for Europe 2020, and in The Swedish Innovation Strategy, one will support the regional innovation capability by underscoring the importance of: knowledge and skill, commercialisation, the spreading of innovations, social innovation, public and private partnerships, and international collaboration.

In Dalarna’s innovation agenda, four areas that originate from the trade and industry’s strengths, existing clusters, and community players are prioritised. This goes hand-in-hand with Dalarna College’s research profiles, just as with other universities and colleges. In various ways, they can all qualify for international partnerships and attract research and innovation resources. In order to succeed, it is necessary that players mobilise, identify needs and community challenges, and show that there is capacity to contribute with solutions and collaborations with other parties.


Other areas can be developed in the future, and we would like to see that the areas of knowledge are crossed and challenged in various ways. Even the digital technology is a driving force for innovation.

Dalarna’s innovation agenda Mobilise for growth was adopted as the direction for the Dalarna Region in 2014. You can read it here in a shorter English version.


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