Innovative experience production

Innovative experience production

In Dalarna, the hospitality industry is already a developed primary industry. But there is great potential here for an expansion into adjacent service industries, and a development of specialised and innovative products within experiences.

With the knowledge area for the Innovative Experience Production, areas that have previously worked separately can be collected under an umbrella that creates new forms of partnerships and innovative solutions.

The knowledge area consists of a number of sub areas, within which research, education, business development, and innovation work are being conducted. The common industry is the experience and hospitality industry.

Meaningful regional players within the area are: the cluster Destination Dalarna, Dala Sports Academy, KKN/MFD and commerce, as well as laboratory and research environments at Dalarna University. The latter is especially developed within the areas of hospitality, commerce, media, games, sports, and health. At the same time, there are many smaller companies that can grow and develop Dalarna, if they work together more and obtain better knowledge.


Lotta Magnusson, Destination Dalarna/Region Dalarna 

Susanna Heldt Cassel, CeTLer/Dalarna University