New KWIKK management of digital payments

New KWIKK management of digital payments

Ways of trading are constantly changing, and the number of digital channels is on the rise. But while more and more trade is taking place over the Internet, it is far from everybody who can take the step into the digital trading world. This is something that the business Kwikk from the town of Mora wants to change with its uncomplicated, simple and very flexible solution.

Making up the Kwikk team are Joakim Andersson, David Forsberg and Madelena Stunis. Together, they have comprehensive knowledge and skills in programming, development, design and communicative design. After having run their respective business in shared premises, they arrived at the idea of together creating something that would make a difference, both at home in Sweden as well as beyond Sweden’s borders.

Their aim was to lower the barriers to the new digital world and to help more recognise the benefits of digitalisation instead of feeling threatened by it. Many small and medium-sized businesses are experiencing the consequences of increased competition that online trading is bringing with it yet believe it to be too expensive or difficult to try out themselves.

– For society to develop, we believe that more businesses need the chance to be on the same playing field as large businesses, states Madelena. Only then can a good balance be achieved with a level of competition that benefits society.

Thriving rural communities through digitalisation

Kwikk wants to see rural communities thrive and for everyone who does not currently work within the digital environment to test doing business online. Clubs, small businesses and organisations have begun testing Kwikk and have already seen its advantages. For example, the simple task of selling tickets to events online or of collecting membership fees or order payments online saves both time and resources.

– The solution Kwikk has arrived at sounds almost too good to be true, states Jörgen Bond, business coach at Dalarna Science Park, who is advising Kwikk in its development. The team has created a simple payment solution that functions digitally no matter where, on websites, social media, etc. The innovation is a simplified, flexible and cost-efficient system that has the potential to be something really big!

– With Kwikk, it is extremely simple to arrive at special solutions, such as paying your invoice using Swish or a credit card, explains David. It is a simple and flexible system that paves the way for new innovations where quick and simple payment flow is important.

KWIKK – a new and simple way to pay over the Internet

Naturally, a small business such as Kwikk faces challenges establishing itself. Many wonder whether or not the small business can be trustworthy. What Kwikk needs right now are some large customers, as that would give it the push forward it needs. Joakim, however, is not worried. He knows that the Kwikk team is on to something good.

– We really do believe in our product. The challenge is just letting potential clients know so that they dare use the Internet as a sales channel, says Joakim. Currently, focus is on Sweden and the local market, where they can establish a client base that can provide positive feedback. Kwikk already has its information available in English, including its website, so there is nothing to limit it reaching out internationally. The Kwikk team plans to travel to Lisbon to attend Websummit 2019, the world’s largest trade fair for digital technology. Their hope is to meet new clients and present their business to Europe. There is no doubt that their international journey has only just begun.