What we do

What we do

Dalarna Science Park is an innovation arena that supports the development of people and companies with growth ambitions. We wish to contribute to high quality trade and industry development in Dalarna, for the benefit of the companies’ competitiveness and innovation ability. We offer customised processes that involve startup entrepreneurs, established companies, academia and public actors.

When business development and knowledge come together, innovative entrepreneurship and sustainable growth are created. We develop inspiring environments and motivational meetings, where we connect trade and industry, academia, and the public sector.

Business Development

Dalarna Science Park offers through the incubator effective business development processes. We welcome both entrepreneurs with new business ideas and companies with growth potential.

Innovation Management

Innovation does not only concern the improvement of products. It is equally concerned with the improvement of services, processes, customer contacts, and supply chains. Our work model is built on Open Innovation, among others, and is based on involving players, who are outside of the company, in the innovation process.

Enterprise Europe Network

For smaller companies, it can be a large step to advance from wanting to grow internationally to actually making a success of it. Enterprise Europe Networks provides support to small and medium companies that wish to conduct business with other countries.

The VANGUARD Initiative

The Vanguard Initiative is meant to promote the international competitiveness of the European industry sector. From Dalarna, Dalarna Science Park, Region Dalarna, Triple Steelix, and High Voltage Valley are included.

Regional Export Center

The government has given the Dalarna Region the task of setting up a regional export centre in the county. Dalarna is one of six pilot counties that are included in the government’s export strategy.

Representation Office in Wuhan

Dalarna Science Park has a representative office in Wuhan, China. The purpose is to function as a platform for companies that wish to conduct business with Chinese companies, as well as to participate in developing the partnership between Wuhan-Borlänge and Hubei-Dalarna.


Technical Visit programmes take place in Dalarna and Gävleborg counties in Sweden. They include inspiring visits to cleantech sites, lectures by experts in their field as well as cultural events and sightseeing. During the visit you will learn more about the development and success of swedish cleantech, within the specific topic you choose. We can also tailor make special programmes.