Business Development

Business Development

Dalarna Science Park offers effective business development processes for entrepreneurs with new business ideas and companies with growth potential.

The stakes can be shorter or longer, depending on need and potential. We continuously work towards developing processes and tools, in order to meet new business models and community changes.


Are you carrying around an idea that could lead to a new company? There are far too many good ideas that should be given a chance. That is why Challenge your idea. We help you to determine whether your idea is worth betting on. Do not let the dream stay in the desk drawer!


The Incubator Programme supports entrepreneurs who have exciting business ideas. We focus on business ideas that contain great ambitions and momentum. Where there is the possibility to create a company that grows both locally and internationally. The more innovative and knowledge-based elements that the idea possesses, the more we are prepared to contribute with support.

Victoria Ställberg

Head of Business Development

+46 (0)70-671 04 51

Jörgen Bond

Business Development/ Senior Expert

+46 73 920 03 60

Christina Sjöberg

Head of Contact & Communication

+46 70 352 31 98