Innovation management

Innovation management

Innovation is concerned with so much more than just improving products. It is equally concerned with the improvement of services, processes, customer contacts, and supply chains. We can inspire you to involve your employees and other people, in order to obtain new skills and commitment that develop your company.

For us, Open Innovation means to inspire companies and organisations to have the courage to open up new ways of working, where people with commitment and skills are invited into the development process. Working with Open Innovation provides completely new opportunities to listen and gain new insights into the development work. We cannot guarantee you a new Spotify or a new Klarna, but what we can promise is that you will receive new insights and ideas that you did not have which, of course, can lead to developing your organisation, or new products and services.


For us, it is important to strengthen your long-term innovation ability; therefore, we work towards creating various offers, services and packages that can make it easier for you. Our role is to be a neutral part – a bridge between you, new knowledge, and new relationships. We will help and guide you, so that you can easily test developing your company with the new, exciting methods that Open Innovation entails.


  • new ideas and insights that lead your company forward
  • new partnerships which allow you to increase your skills and your knowledge of the outside operating environment
  • ways to increase your creative work, in order to strengthen your innovation ability in the long-term

Contact us, and we will find the best way forward together.

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Project ecoINSIDE

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Project Manager Science Park

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