Dalarna Science Park is proud to be the lead partner in the Interreg Baltic Sea Region-project IRIS.

Business incubator organisations are important supporters of entrepreneurs, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises that drive economic growth and create jobs. In the project, incubators from all countries around the Baltic Sea work together to improve and strengthen their management and support capacity, i.e. to jointly nurture new skills, help create new companies, and to support in opening up new markets.

Relevance – What to achieve?

Incubators are organisations to boost innovation and entrepreneurship. The IRIS project strengthens management and support capacity of incubators in the Baltic Sea region in order to enhance the incubator performance, which leads to more surviving start-up companies and growing businesses. In this way, IRIS contributes to the development of the Baltic Sea region as a dynamic, innovative and business-driven region.

Content– How to do it?

The existing incubator support instruments, which are shared and transferred among partners, are complemented by new instruments – developed and tested within the partnership. Additionally, guidelines for useful support instruments are made available outside the partnership. A “peer review”, defined as the evaluation of work by professionals of similar competence, is used to enhance quality and improve the performance of all IRIS project partners. Based on the conclusions from the peer reviews, a roadmap shall be offered to other organisations and policymakers in order to improve regional innovation systems. IRIS also supports the flagship project BSR Stars in its ambitions to develop a collaboration platform for incubators.

Partnership – Who will do it?

The partnership comprises 14 incubator organisations from all countries of the Baltic rim, including Norwegian and Russian partners. The Nordic Council of Ministers is an Associated Partner to IRIS



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Business Development/ Senior Expert

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Enterprise Europe Network/ Communication officer

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