2019-09-27 kl. 12:15 - 13:15

Ljusgården, Dalarna Science Park, Forskargatan 3, Borlänge



Earth is too small for tomorrow’s startups. We go out into space and explore galactic possibilities.

Research lunch that ties in with this year’s theme on research leave, space.

Buy your lunch in the restaurant and listen in Ljusgården to an exciting program. Researchers are ordinary people with unusually exciting jobs!

The last Friday in September is announced as Researchers ‘Night, which was initiated by the European Commission, in Sweden called Researchers’ Day. So, just this day, there are lots of exciting activities going on around Europe about how fun and exciting research is. In Dalarna, the 2047 Science Center is the main actor in the Peace Day.

The research lunch is a program item during the Borlänge Science Festival, 26-29 September. Here you can read the entire program for the festival.