New international method for Increased innovation under development in the county of Dalarna

New international method for Increased innovation under development in the county of Dalarna

“Dalarna lies at the forefront in relation to the development of this method,” states Rodin Genoff. “Here you are outstanding in terms of the combination of equity, sustainability and innovations with your assets within forestry and advanced industry. This I took with me from my previous contacts in Dalarna in the method’s design. Together with Narelle Hooper and Susan Pettifer, I have authored the book New Women, New Men, New Economy: How Creativity, Openness, Diversity and Equity Are Driving Prosperity Now: it describes how we can think and work. The book can be foundational in how we work internationally, and here, Dalarna has contributed hugely,” states Genoff.

Owned by the county council Region Dalarna, the project is being run in collaboration with a number of stakeholders within the Swedish counties of Dalarna and Värmland.

“This is a unique working approach and provides a combination of possibilities that we term BOSP: Business Opportunities Strategic Potentials,” explains Region Dalarna’s Kjell Grundström. “Now we have laid the groundwork for the method, received training in its use and visited a large number of businesses. I truly believe that this is a first step in the right direction when it comes to innovative business enterprise.”

In simple terms, the method can be described as follows: the businesses work with questions related to motivation for innovation and collaboration in various forms. The incentives and needs vary from company to company. Consideration is also given to the opportunities that exist for companies to develop using digitalisation and innovation. Tied to innovation is equity, which is a decisive factor in terms of being able to increase innovation. Key players are identified at the different businesses, on the part of both the client and the supplier. These are then consolidated, and a clear picture of collaborative forms becomes apparent in the form of a visual ecosystem. An app has been developed that in a simple and very illustrative way shows how businesses either consciously or unconsciously are linked and what potential there is for collaboration.

How will Dalarna benefit from the project?

“The purpose of the method is to create new business models based on increased innovation, equity, digitalisation and a circular economy – areas that are required if companies are to develop and be at the front in the new economy. An increase in collaboration that leads to more business and contracts and a higher turnover is the goal.”

A few years ago, Rodin Genoff, an internationally recognised and award-winning cluster development expert from Australia, introduced an approach and method that serve to develop new business models based on networking between companies. Once again, he travelled to Dalarna to work on a project related to increased sustainable industrial wood construction with project owner Region Dalarna and IUC Dalarna, ByggDialog Dalarna, Dalarna Science Park and Paper Province in the nearby county of Värmland.
“Dalarna will focus on advanced industry, food production and bioeconomics,” explains Stefan Jansson from Dalarna Science Park. “The method will also help us increase collaboration between those working on current projects, such as BIOINNO and FRODA, to discover what synergies exist. The goal is to find ways for businesses within their respective branch to find new business models and innovative solutions. This mapping will really serve to demonstrate the potential of the region.”

Stefan Jansson

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Projektledare Bioinno och Smart industri 2.0

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