Promoting innovative & sustainable growth


We are an innovation arena for people and companies with growth ambitions.


We create prerequisites for innovative business activity and sustainable growth.


The Dalarna region is one of Sweden's leading export counties, with a long history of entrepreneurship.


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Challenging your Business Idea

Do you have a business idea that can lead to a new company? There are just too many good ideas that should be given a chance. We will help you decide if your idea is worth investing in. Do not let the dream stay in the chest of drawers!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This year we give a gift to the organisation Save the Children as a step for a better world. Together we make sure that the children get food, blankets, school and a safe childhood. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes the Dalarna Science Park.

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"Going for the future"

YOU will play a importent part in our movie the 24 of November. A movie of Dalarna Science Park during "Faluns Företagarvecka". Listen to Kjell A Nordström.

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The countdown has begun!

Only 14 days left to submit your idea to Sweden’s most prominent competition for business ideas. Sign up right away to start your startup story today!

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Digital transformation

Digital Transformation has many heard of and is something most people are curious about. The term is not about the digital, but about the transformation itself.