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Dalarna Science Park is a place of innovation that supports talented, ambitious individuals and businesses. When new ideas and experience come together, innovative entrepreneurialism and sustainable development flourish. Dalarna Science Park gets people to think anew, to discover their creativity and to grow as individuals by way of motivational meetings, inspirational environments, effective processes and valuable networks.

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Meetings between people change the world.

Dalarna Science Park is an innovation arena that supports the development of people and companies with growth ambitions. We want to contribute with high-quality development of trade and industry in Dalarna, which will benefit the companies’ competitiveness and innovation ability. Well developed processes are offered to both new entrepreneurs and established companies.

Dalarna Science Park has worked with innovation and entrepreneurship since 1987, which has provided us with a long-term and broadly entrenched regional platform. We have access to broad experience and skills in our organisation, and a thorough network surrounds us.

We are a movable and adaptable organisation which means that the organisation and structure always change to adopt new challenges.

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What is a “Science Park”?

A Science Park can be described as a meeting place for people, ideas, knowledge, and creativity, and it is often a platform for more massive innovation and development projects. We create development through motivational meetings, inspiring environments, effective processes, and valuable networks.

We offer stimulating and developing environments, as well as infrastructure, networks and business development for knowledge-intensive growth companies.

Dalarna Science Park is a member of SISP – Swedish Incubators and Science Parks and IASP.

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