Dalarna Science Park Launches a Business Accelerator for Circular Solutions

Dalarna Science Park Launches a Business Accelerator for Circular Solutions

SSAB, Arctic Paper, and Gevalia Seek Companies to Collaborate with Worldwide

Dalarna Science Park is launching the Circular Industry Accelerator—a multi-year initiative aimed at utilizing residual streams from the regional business sector. Leading the way in participation are SSAB, Arctic Paper, and Gevalia, who aim to increase circularity and sustainability in the Gävle-Dala region.

‒ Many industries generate significant quantities of residual streams that could be transformed into valuable new products, services, or processes. Currently, this represents an untapped resource with tremendous potential for companies, the region, and Sweden as a whole, says Angelica Ekholm, CEO of Dalarna Science Park.

The Circular Industry Accelerator aims to connect industries with companies providing circular solutions, essentially industrial reuse, utilizing materials that would otherwise become waste or be used in low-value processes. Both startups and established companies will participate in a six to nine-month development program, fostering long-term collaborations that generate added value for all parties while contributing to sustainable development through increased circularity.

‒ The initiative aims to highlight increased circularity as a successful path toward greater sustainability—not only for Dalarna and Gävleborg but for our entire country, says Cecilia Carter, project manager at Dalarna Science Park. In addition to using industrial residual streams for existing products and operations, they can lead to new, sustainable solutions, strengthening the business sector and creating green job opportunities.

SSAB, Arctic Paper, and Gevalia will participate in the inaugural round. The process of identifying companies who can utilize these industries’ residual streams is now beginning both nationally and internationally.

‒ We are in the midst of our transition to fossil-free production, and sustainability work is truly central to everything we do. We have been working with residual streams for many years already. Now it will be exciting to see in what additional ways our residual streams can be used, says Mia Eriksson, site and production manager at SSAB in Borlänge.

Dalarna Science Park will ensure industries benefit from the program. Collaborations with other science parks worldwide will facilitate contact with potential participants. The program is expected to launch in the fall of 2024.

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The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Region Dalarna.

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Circular Industry Accelerator

Nu lanserar vi på Dalarna Science Park den Cirkulära Industriacceleratorn, där vi matchar industriernas restströmmar med startups och etablerade företag för att främja cirkularitet och nya affärsmöjligheter.

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