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We provide support to businesses and talented individuals so that they can do great things with their ideas. When it comes to business development, we can provide assistance in the development of the business itself, their team and not least themselves as individuals through coaching, financing, sustainability, innovation and networking.

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Time to make a success of your idea?

Dalarna Science Park support start-ups achieve rapid market success and established businesses reinvent themselves while motivating people to take the next step forward with their ideas.

Do you have an idea or a business you want to develop? Are you driven and ambitious? By working with us, you will discover new energy, acquire knowledge and build networks so that your vision becomes stronger.

We can help you realise your dreams


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The support we have received from the business coaches has been extremely important for us in terms of working strategically and building teams, and working with recruitment processes and the owner structure.

–  Lena Harkén & Viktoria Nyman
Viqma System

Invest in Innovative Businesses

Dalarna Science Park has noticed a growing need among businesses for capital from so-called business angels/investors. This is why we want to hear from people within the region who are interested in investing in innovative companies within the county of Dalarna.

– “New business ideas sometimes need a form of external financing that traditional banks are unable to offer,” explains Thomas Eriksson of the Dalarna Science Park Inkubator.

Smart City Sweden – Central

Smart City Sweden is a platform for export that initiates collaboration between Sweden and other countries concerning smart and sustainable city solutions.

Dalarna Science Park heads Smart City Sweden Central, which comprises the counties of Dalarna, Gävleborg, Värmland, Örebro and Västmanland. It works to communicate ”best practice”, connecting businesses and organisations that can benefit from collaboration with an international focus.

Read more about Smart City Sweden

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Business Development/ Senior Expert

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Business Development

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Business Development

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Business Development

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