The door to the world

Dalarna Science Park opens the door to the world. We will see you through your international aspirations – from idea to closing the deal. Our global networks and contacts are at your disposal when you want to do business in new markets, and our international advisors support you in developing your export or import strategies.

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Dalarna Science Park is part of networks all over the world. We join Science Parks, innovation support organisations, incubators, authorities, and other organisations in the work to develop ideas, businesses, and regions.

Think global!

Today borders are being blurred, and enterprises that previously started their businesses in their home market now go global without detours. Taking the whole world into account when planning your strategy is not only more critical –  it is often fundamental for companies to succeed in their home markets.

At Dalarna Science Park, we have supported local businesses with international ambitions and international enterprises wanting to invest in Dalarna since 1987. Our business coaches and international advisors can speed up and facilitate your international investment through free of charge guidance and access to global business contacts.

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The network that brings the world to the companies

For smaller companies, it can be a significant step to advance from wanting to grow internationally to making a success of it. Enterprise Europe Networks provides support to small and medium companies that wish to conduct business with other countries.

As entrepreneurs in our region, you can benefit from the following free services:

  • International business contacts
  • Matchmaking and business trips
  • Information and advising
  • Service for technology and research partnerships

Smart City Sweden – Central

Smart City Sweden is a platform for export that initiates collaboration between Sweden and other countries concerning smart and sustainable city solutions.

Dalarna Science Park heads Smart City Sweden Central, which comprises the counties of Dalarna, Gävleborg, Värmland, Örebro and Västmanland. It works to communicate ”best practice”, connecting businesses and organisations that can benefit from collaboration with an international focus.

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Global Contacts

For more than 30 years, Dalarna Science Park has been working to establish good relations and valuable contacts worldwide to give the businesses of Dalarna Region a network of experts in different areas and multiple markets.

We are part of several established networks like Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP). We also have excellent relations with several prominent organisations around Europe and the rest of the world, supporting businesses, research and innovation.

Do you need a research partner within a particular field, a supplier of a specifically designed product or a distributor for your manufactured articles? Maybe you would like to know more about the potential in another market or advise on laws and regulations in another country. At Dalarna Science Park, we have the networks and contacts to facilitate your queries.

To businesses and organisations, the world is never further away than Dalarna Science Park.

Marie Ericson

Project leader Enterprise Europe Network

070-621 12 46

Patricia Eresjö

International business advisor Enterprise Europe Network, project leader Its4Women & Exportarena Dalarna

070- 627 00 82