To continue to ensure the competitiveness of businesses, and to improve their ability to reinvent themselves, we need to listen to ideas, to draw on research and to stimulate innovation to commercialise. This requires regional, national and international collaboration. Our specialised areas are bioeconomy, food production and advanced manufacturing.

Clusters in Dalarna

In a cluster, companies work together to, e.g. improve the products, increase sales, create joint marketing, and attract skills. The cluster receives extra strength if they also collaborate with public players and the university.

Cluster in Dalarna

New international method for Increased innovation under development in the county of Dalarna

“Dalarna lies at the forefront in relation to the development of this method,” states Rodin Genoff. “Here you are outstanding in terms of the combination of equity, sustainability and innovations with your assets within forestry and advanced industry. This I took with me from my previous contacts in Dalarna in the method’s design. Together with Narelle Hooper and Susan Pettifer, I have authored the book New Women, New Men, New Economy: How Creativity, Openness, Diversity and Equity Are Driving Prosperity Now: it describes how we can think and work. The book can be foundational in how we work internationally, and here, Dalarna has contributed hugely,” states Genoff.

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Bioinno promotes entrepreneurship in forest bioeconomy in Värmland and Dalarna

Forest Bioecenomy Innovation in Dalarna and Värlmand, Bioinno, is about Värmland and Dalarna working together to help forest-based innovations out in the market. There is a great deal of expertise and established springboards for entrepreneurs in the region. Bioinno will take advantage of this. This means that more people – in a larger geographical context – will be able to take part in efficient innovation and entrepreneurial processes. For example, through consulting, researcher contacts, prototype development and other shortcuts to the market.

The goal is to provide the best possible support for forest innovations. The project will also increase interest in environmentally friendly products and show the business benefit of working with the forest, renewal and development.

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Susanne Åkerlund

Project manager and financial officer

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