Compete with your idea in Dalarnas largest innovation competition!

The competition is over this time. Welcome back April 2024.

Win 20 000 SEK to develop your idea and 6 months of coaching! 

Dalarna Science Park arranges in collaboration with Sparbankstiftelsen in Dalarna. We want to encourage people to take their first step towards realizing their ideas.  

The purpose of the competition is to support entrepreneurship and innovative ideas in Dalarna.  

This is how the jury assesses your idea 

How innovative is your idea? 

Assessment according to how innovative the idea is. Is the product, the service, or the method something new that doesn’t exist today? Is the idea a development of an existing idea?  

What value and benefit does the product or service create for the customer? 

Assessment of the value and benefit a customer/user can derive from the product or service. How does the idea create benefits for society, companies, or individuals? Does the idea meet the current or future needs of society? 

Is there potential for the idea to grow? 

Assessment of whether there is a potential for the product or service to grow on the market. 

How sustainable is the idea? 

Assessment of how the idea takes responsibility for its impact on society from a social, economic, or ecological perspective; how the idea satisfies people’s needs today without jeopardizing the opportunities of future generations. Read more and get inspired here.


When does the competition take place? 

The competition takes place between of April 2024. 

Who can compete? 

The competition is open to individuals and companies. To qualify you must be 18 years of age as well as live in Dalarna.  

How do I submit my idea? 

By submitting the competition form between of April 

Is there a risk someone will steal my idea? 

No, your idea is in safe hands. The jury who will read and assess your idea are all subject to confidentiality agreements.  

What happens when I have submitted my idea? 

All ideas are judged by the jury, which works under confidentiality. Once the process is complete, all contestants will be contacted. The winners will be announced a month after the ending of the competition 

Can I submit several ideas? 

You can submit and compete with several ideas.  

What can I win?

Three winners are awarded the prize for the best idea.
First prize: Business development coaching in the form of a place in Dalarna Science Park’s business incubator for 6 months and a check of SEK 20´000 to develop the idea.
Second prize: Business development coaching for 3 months.
Third prize: Business development coaching for 18h.

What does it take to win the competition? 

The idea is assessed according to the assessment criteria above.  

When can the prize by used? 

The prize can be used from the moment the winning entry is presented and up to 6 months ahead. 

Will the submitted ideas be shown to others? 

The information you share with us is processed according to the instructions in the form. If you win, your idea may be made visible through digital channels and news media. Everything is done in consultation with you. 

Prepare your idea to make it easy to fill out the competition form 

Here you can see the questions that are asked in the competition form, so that you who wish have the opportunity to prepare your answers before the form opens. The competition form opens on April 1st, 2024. 

Idea description 

Here you will find questions to help you describe your idea: 

– What problems does the idea solve or what needs does it fulfil for a customer or user?
– How do companies and people solve the problem today? What is unique or different about your solution?
– What benefit does your idea have for the customer?
– What other solutions are there on the market? What advantages does the idea have when compared to other similar solutions? 

Have you investigated whether there is interest and willingness to pay for your idea? 

If yes, describe how you reached that conclusion. 

Are you alone or are there several of you working together with the idea? 

A success factor for moving forward with your idea is to build a team around it. No man is an island and when you want to develop an idea to introduce it to the market a team is important.  

Have you got help from an external partner? 

Have you been in contact with any company/organization who supports companies to discuss your idea and to get support? For example, Almi, a bank, NyföretagarCentrum, etc. 

Is your idea close to what you are working with? 

Some employment contracts may regulate ideas connected to your employment with a company. Are you free to develop and use the idea? 

Have you intended to protect/patent the idea? 

A company’s intangible assets (for example, a logo, a patent, or a business method) can make up as much as 90% of a company’s value. Protecting your idea or your assets can be crucial to a company’s success. 

Which sustainability goals can your idea contribute to? 

* Tip! The global goals: 

For those of you who wish to be one step ahead – start sketching your idea!

Here you will find a downloadable PDF that you can fill in and save digitally or print out! 

Note! Don’t forget to submit your competition entry via the form on between of April. 


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