The Vanguard Initiative was created in 2014 and is meant to promote the European industry’s international competitiveness. Together with nine other European regions, Dalarna Science Park, Region Dalarna, Triple Steelix, and High Voltage Valley from Dalarna are included in the Vanguard Initiative. 

Within the Vanguard Initiative, a development project in 3D printing, biochemistry, efficient manufacturing, nanotechnology and optimisation of products/services in the offshore industry has been created. For Dalarna, the focus is on the latter, in a project called ADMA (Advanced Manufacturing). Through an EU decision, ADMA has received approximately SEK 5.5 million. Stefan Jansson at Dalarna Science Park is the project manager for ADMA.

The participants must work within the development of products and services, in order to reduce material usage, expand life-span, and effectivise resources.

The project is essential for small and large companies in Dalarna and Sweden. The participants must work within the development of products and services to reduce material usage, expand life-span, and make resources more productive. In turn, this is to intended to provide higher profitability for the offshore industry. Within the project, mainly in Europe, a network has been created, with approximately 170 research institutes, universities and science parks, etc. These are intended to support the participating companies with material and technology development, as well as to develop new business opportunities. In the Spring of 2016, more than 200 companies participated in the project. In Sweden, companies such as SSAB, Sandvik, Ovako, Outokumpu, Dellner Breaks, and HIAK are included.

Within the Dalarna, Gävleborg and Värmland regions, we will specifically work with an “Energy Concept” together with eight other European regions, 113 organisations, and 237 companies. Earlier this year, the Vanguard Initiative held a meeting in Brussels. Present from the Region Dalarna were Leif Nilsson, Chairman, and Tiina Ohlsson, Regional Director, who says:  – The key to success lies in them seeing what they can achieve together, finding shared learning, and testing different ideas that they can commercialise.

Another positive effect that she is hoping for is that, with the Vanguard Initiative as a driving force, more small and medium companies can enter the European market. The real strength of the Vanguard Initiative is the opportunity for partnerships with companies, research institutes, and end customers, and this shows that Dalarna is a centre for the advanced manufacturing industry.

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Stefan Jansson

Chief Research and Innovation, Coordinator VANGUARD

+46 72 200 76 35