More food – more jobs

More food – more jobs

There is a project currently underway called More Food – More Jobs (Swe: Mer mat – fler jobb), which aims to contribute to an increase in both food production and employment opportunities. Its goal is to help businesses that work within the food supply industry – from farm to table – employ more workers and grow. A consequence of this will be an increase in food production.

Dalarna has developed a food strategy and the intention with this project is to put words into action.

Dalarna Science Park is working together with Krinova Inkubator & Science Park to reach suitable food businesses. In Dalarna, five businesses will take part in an innovation analysis. With business coaching, they will increase their innovation capacity and develop in such a way that they will become more competitive and have the potential to work internationally. The project will develop the competence of both management and employees within businesses. A workforce will then be matched, according to suitability, with companies by the Swedish Public Employment Service.

The project will run until 2021. Project Leader in Dalarna is David Levrén. For more information, contact, 070-360 44 03.

David Levrén


070-360 44 03


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