Clusters in Dalarna

Clusters in Dalarna

In a cluster, companies work together to, e.g. improve the products, increase sales, create joint marketing, and attract skills. The cluster receives extra strength if they also collaborate with public players and the university.

In the Dalarna region, cluster work has been happening since Autumn, 2004. Currently, the Dalarna Region’s cluster work is coordinated with the regional development councils in Värmland and Gävleborg.

The region’s clusters are presented here, alphabetically:

Byggdialog Dalarna
Byggdialog Dalarna works in highlighting and channelling innovations within the county’s construction and real estate companies, for them to processed and investigated. The innovations must be able to be practically applied and integrated into the production.

Dala Sports Academy
Dala Sports Academy offer opportunities to knowledge exchange, testing and verifying and business and business development to companies within the sports and health sector.

FindIT has the aim of strengthening the region’s small and medium companies’ competitiveness, as well as supporting the growth of new companies, products and methods within industrial IT in Gävleborg and Dalarna.

High Voltage Valley
Projects with different characteristics are run within High Voltage Valley. The aim is that all HVV’s projects and activities will contribute towards ensuring and further developing the region’s world-leading position within electrical power technology.

ITS Dalarna
ITS Dalarna is a regional cluster partnership that consists of organisations within the region that have businesses within intelligent transport systems and services (ITS).

Triple Steelix
Triple Steelix is a regional development initiative that wants to make the, already thriving steel industry in Bergslagen, even stronger. The strategy for this is through active cooperation between trade and industry, community, and research in the region.