Bonus Competition

Bonus Competition

By 2030, one in four citizens in Sweden is expected to be 65 years or older. Older individuals are significantly overrepresented in terms of fatal accidents and care needs after accidents, which often occur at home. Many of them worry about burglary and theft. Anxiety and insecurity at home lead to a lower quality of life. Technology can be used to prevent or mitigate injuries and increase home security. 

This bonus competition aims to promote innovations that increase the safety and security of older individuals at home through smart technology. Smart technology refers to devices and systems that utilize advanced computer functions and can be connected. They can adapt their behavior based on the data they collect. Competition entries should describe an innovation that, with user-friendly smart technology, addresses the problems of older individuals in one or more of the following three personas. 

Persona 1 

Astrid is 92 years old and lives alone. She worries that no one will notice if she gets hurt or falls ill at home and cannot communicate. 

Persona 2 

Bertil is 86 years old. On several occasions, he has had to visit the hospital after cutting himself or hitting objects (e.g., tables, countertops, and doors) at home. 

Persona 3 

Camilla is 73 years old and uses a wheelchair. She sometimes has people in her home whom she doesn’t know well and worries that they will steal things from her. 

This bonus competition is conducted as part of the SAFEST research project funded by the Länsförsäkringsgruppens Foundation for Research and Development. 

How to Participate in the Bonus Competition

To participate in the bonus competition, your idea needs to be connected to one of the three person descriptions mentioned above. You enter the bonus competition by checking the participation box in the same form as the main competition.


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