Dalarna Innovation Days Challenge

Compete with your idea and win a scholarship of SEK 20 000 to further develop your idea, along with support in the form of business development.

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In October, Dalarna Science Park will host the Dalarna Innovation Days Challenge – a competition where we are looking for smart ideas that can make housing and construction processes better, more sustainable, and healthier. 

The Dalarna Innovation Challenge is an idea competition organized by Dalarna Science Park in collaboration with Dalarna University and the Dalarna Savings Bank Foundation. The purpose of the competition is to find innovative ideas that can improve housing and construction processes, making them more sustainable and healthier. We want to encourage people to take the first step in realizing their ideas. 

Bonus Competition

If you have an idea that enhances the safety and security of elderly individuals at home using smart technology, you can also compete for two bonus prizes, each worth 10,000 Swedish kronor. Learn more here!

How the Jury Evaluates Your Idea 

How Innovative is the Idea? 

Evaluation based on the degree of innovation of the idea. Is the product, service, or methodology something new that does not exist today? Is the idea an enhancement of something existing? Is there a new perspective? 

What Value does the Product or Service Create to Improve How We Live, Build, and Reside? 

Assessment of the value and utility a customer/user can derive from the product or service to improve how we live, build, and reside. How does the idea benefit the user/customer? Does the idea meet current or future societal needs? 

Is there Potential for the Idea to Grow? 

Assessment of whether there is potential for the product or service to grow in the market. 

How Sustainable is the Idea? 

Assessment of how well the idea takes responsibility for its impact on society from a social, economic, or ecological perspective; how the idea satisfies current needs without jeopardizing the opportunities of future generations. Learn more and get inspired here.

Bonus Competition 

By 2030, one in four citizens in Sweden is expected to be 65 years or older. Older individuals are significantly overrepresented in terms of fatal accidents and care needs after accidents, which often occur at home. Many of them worry about burglary and theft. Anxiety and insecurity at home lead to a lower quality of life. Technology can be used to prevent or mitigate injuries and increase home security. 

This bonus competition aims to promote innovations that increase the safety and security of older individuals at home through smart technology. Smart technology refers to devices and systems that utilize advanced computer functions and can be connected. They can adapt their behavior based on the data they collect. Competition entries should describe an innovation that, with user-friendly smart technology, addresses the problems of older individuals in one or more of the following three personas. 

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Frequently Asked Questions   

When does the competition take place? 

The competition runs from October 1 to October 31, 2023. 

Who can participate? 

The competition is open to both individuals and businesses. To participate, you must be at least 18 years old and live and work in Dalarna. 

How do I submit my idea? 

By filling out and submitting the competition form, which opens on October 1. 

What can I win?   

Three winners will be awarded prizes for the best ideas. 

  • First prize: Business development support worth SEK 50,000 and a scholarship of SEK 20,000 that can be used to develop your idea or as starting capital for a limited company. 
  • Second prize: Business development support worth SEK 25,000. 
  • Third prize: Business development support worth SEK 15,000. 

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With the help of one of our business coaches, you will receive support in developing your idea. You will identify your customers, begin to consider their needs, and the challenges you may face along the way. 

The workshop is a great preparation for competing with your idea and winning a scholarship of SEK 20,000 to develop your idea and receive business advice worth SEK 50,000! 

The event takes place as a digital lecture via Teams and is free of charge! 

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