A “Kullastinta” en route to China

A “Kullastinta” en route to China

Born and raised in Hälsingland, a ten year turn via Stockholm and finally settled in Dalarna – Kullastintan is a mix of two traditions with deep roots in the northern Swedish culture.

The name behind “Kullastintan” is Ingrid Larsdotter Aldén. After ten years of stressful big city-life in Stockholm, she and her family decided to go for a quieter lifestyle in Ludvika, Dalarna where Ingrid’s husband grew up.

After ten years in the business of wallpaper, Ingrid’s experience and knowledge of the exceptional art of wallpaper-printing for different wall textures and formats were the foundation for her new business. She founded Kullastintan in 2017, and the company has already received a lot of praise and attention for Ingrid’s exclusive and beautiful designs.

Now, Ingrid is preparing for a trip to Shanghai in China, where she will present her designs to potential distributors and buyers.

China Market Entry

The trip is part of a program financed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth through Enterprise Europe Network and co-arranged by Dalarna Science Park and Nordic Hub China. The program “China Market Entry” is doing its third round, and the participants are SME’s in the creative businesses, food- and drinks industry and health industry.

The nine participating SME’s, from the region of Dalarna and five from Stockholm and Småland, are going together to Shanghai in November. In the largest city in the world, they will get training in import- and export regulations as well as training in the Chinese way of KOL-marketing. They are going to visit the largest import exhibition in Asia – CIIE 2019 – and also participate in study visits to relevant enterprises.

As a bonus, all participating SME’s will also have the opportunity to exhibit their products at Nordic Hub China. A permanent showroom situated in the Shanghai Hongqiao World Center where you can visit most of the large fairs and exhibitions in Shanghai.

We spoke to Ingrid about her coming trip to Shanghai and of her expectations of the planned activities. First, we want to know how she found out about the program “China market entry”? And she tells us that she got a phone call from Dalarna Science Park while working her second job. “Patricia Eresjö presented the fantastic opportunity to join in on this program”, and after some time to think, she decided to participate.

“Nowadays, I work hard to challenge my comfort zones. I have a strong part of me that wants to stay out of focus, and that part is constantly fighting the other part which is loud and demanding.” Ingrid says. She continues “I decided some time ago that I would listen more to the not-so-humble person within and take chances when they appear. So it felt very (un)natural to say -YES, I’ll come (Don’t overthink! Just do it, right?). This trip is a wonderful opportunity to grow and reach out with my product”.

Photo: Ingrid Larsdotter Aldén

Now, going to the largest city in the world, Shanghai is no small feat. Especially not when you want the “right” people to notice your products. So how does Ingrid prepare for this? “I try to do my research about China and Chinese business culture. I’m preparing samples, printed material and looking over the translation of my website.” Ingrid explains.

When writing this, it’s only about a month until we can see Kullastintan´s products in connection with the largest import exhibition in China, the CIIE 2019, and of course, we are curious to know if Ingrid is energized, nervous, calm or all of the above?

“I’m Scared and excited in continuous internal conflict.” is the straightforward and simple-hearted answer we get.