AGNSY’s dream is to get others to live theirs

AGNSY’s dream is to get others to live theirs

We aim to create a simple, comprehensive platform that will enable the user to upload the digital products they have paid for. Together, Thomas Gilén, Maria Burénius Melander and Robert ‘Glenn’ Blank run the business AGNSY Ltd. They are working to develop a platform that facilitates payment for the production of digital material, for example, texts, pictures and films.

Business ideas can develop and grow in a variety of ways.

It is through dance that Thomas Gilén formed the idea for his digital platform. For him, dance has been an important hobby and an interest that has grown over the years. Currently, he runs professional dance studios where he himself is instructor. When some of his students were unable to attend lessons, Thomas filmed the dance moves they needed to learn using their mobile phones. The students could then practise when they had the time – for example, when they were abroad. Once back in Sweden, they could continue with the dance course as though they had never been away.

A business idea was born!

Thomas, who is both energetic and business-minded, saw the potential. He shared his ideas with his partner, Maria, and best friend, Robert, over dinner one evening. They all saw the potential and the challenges. The fact is, when different personalities, competence and experience come together, so new ideas take shape. In meetings with the Inkubator, their business idea became clear, and the result was a product to suit many more clients than had originally been thought. The team was forced back to the drawing board to funnel their new thoughts into a product that would attract all client groups. The result was the birth of a new product!

Unique opportunities

– What makes the product unique is that it is enough that you are passionate about something: you will find use for our product no matter what you do, states Thomas.

– We don’t aim to replace existing channels; instead, our product is a new platform that makes sales of your digital products possible because your product is only available once your clients have paid for it, Thomas continues.

The problem for many is that they need other sources of income to be able to act on their dreams. We are going to create a platform that enables people to do what they are passionate about even if they initially don’t have the time. This will result in their being able to quickly get to that critical point when that is possible.

The scale of the product makes international expansion a real possibility because the platform we are building looks the same whether it is designed for 10 or 10 000 clients. It makes no difference where you live – in Sweden or in India. There are no country borders, cultures or client groups to hinder expansion. It is the whole-solution nature of the business model that allows for this. Furthermore, the business idea contributes to sustainable development: social, economic and environmental.

Investors sought

Currently, the prototype is being developed in an innovative and ground-breaking way. The team, meanwhile, is seeking active investors for the product, and interested parties are invited to contact Thomas Gilén.

AGNSY is just one business working with Dalarna Science Park’s Inkubator. There, it receives assistance with the business development process from coach Jörgen Bond. Thomas made an active choice when he contacted Dalarna Science Park, since he had prior experience working with its team and processes. Along with Maria and Robert, he is working to develop the prototype and to raise capital for the final production stage.

– I think the AGNSY team is an exciting one, and there is a great deal of potential: they have the drive, they are visionary, and they complement one another with their challenging reflection, states Jörgen Bond. They have also already established a need for their product among customers, and this means that the product will be market-ready once the platform is finalised.

Sound advice from an experienced entrepreneur

Thomas has some sound words of advice for other entrepreneurs:

  • Dare to be unsuccessful so that you can be successful. You learn so much from your failures that will take you to the next level.
  • Test out different combinations of people when you build your team: it is your differences that will push you forward.