Challenging your Business Idea

Challenging your Business Idea

Do you have a business idea that can lead to a new company? There are just too many good ideas that should be given a chance. We will help you decide if your idea is worth investing in. Do not let the dream stay in the chest of drawers!

In the first step, you will be able to challenge your business idea. Then you will identify needs, target groups and think about how best to reach your customers.

Some questions you will think about

· Is there a customer?
· What needs is the customer?
· What do you offer that answers the customer’s problem?
· How should you reach the customer?
· How will you pay?
· Why should the customer choose your particular offer?
· What is your goal with the company?

The first step, challenging the business idea is free and admission takes place continuously. After the first step, you can search further to the Business Incubator. Sign up for “Challenge your business idea” by contacting Christina Sjöberg. Her contact details can be found below.