Financing day with many possibilites

Financing day with many possibilites

Many have struggled with project ideas but no money. At the same time knowing that there are several actors and contributors to apply for. How to do and where to turn?

This seminar was held by Dalarna Science Park through the Regional Promoter Collaboration project, which invited you to a morning with advice and tips. Vinnova, the Growth Agency, the Dalarna Region, the Dalarna County Administrative Board, Almi Corporate Partner GävleDala and Almi Invest who informed about the opportunities that they offer.

Good advice and examples gave the entrepreneur Valbona Shala who runs the company FEEN. Her companies support business and the public sector with concrete and proven methods in cultural competence, inclusion and labor market issues. FEEN has applied for, among other things, received micro-support from the Dalarna Region with a focus on marketing with special expertise.

Here is a summary of examples of the respective financier’s contributions:

  • Almi företagspartner GävleDala och Almi Invest can participate and provide grants, loans and invest through venture capital. Almi Invest can now also invest in companies for older than 7 years.
  • Länsstyrelsen Dalarna offers ”Klimatklivet”, which is an investment aid for efforts that reduce carbon dioxide emissions, etc. that affect the climate. The invested funds should provide the greatest possible emission reduction per invested krona.
  • Region Dalarna can finance, for example, with “special investment support” and “business development support”, “regional investment support”, “micro support”, “consultancy check” and “business development checks” with a focus on reaching new markets internationally or through digitalization.”innovative startups” and “innovation projects in companies” through two calls aimed at companies.kan bistå ”innovativa startups” och ”innovationsprojekt i företag” genom två utlysningar som riktar sig till företag.
  • Tillväxtverket “business development checks” and “business development checks social enterprise”. Please look at for more current announcements, events, and opportunities for companies. International contacts and opportunities are also available.

Mer information på samt genom Frida Vikström och Anna Torsgården, Dalarna Science Park.