Meetings between people change the world 

 A significant part of the work we do at Dalarna Science Park is using our vast international network to promote entrepreneurs from the regions of Dalarna and Gävleborg. 

 A couple of weeks ago, we got back from a Company Mission to Shanghai, together with eight businesses from Dalarna and six from the rest of the country. The enterprises have on-site in China learnt about Chinese business culture, met interested buyers and distributors as well as showcase their products in conjunction with the most significant import exhibition in China, The CIIE 2019. 

The companies participating in our Market Entry-program got to know a new market through what we call a “soft entry”. By this, we mean a trial-entry prepared, managed and piloted by us as project leaders. This way, the participants avoid common and sometimes costly mistakes, both in terms of money, resources and time. They also find their international confidence while exploring the new market with our support. 

 –I have landed a bit from my trip to Shanghai. What a wonderful experience! The meetings, growing, learning, friends making – it has truly made me think differently about the world, sais Ingrid Larsdotter Aldén, Kullastintan Bespoke Wallpaper 

For instance, participants learn first-hand, on-site about the prevailing business culture. They get training in import and export bureaucracy, local market structure, marketing strategies, distribution channels etc. They also get to participate in pre-arranged business matchmakings (organized through our network and contacts) which can generate 1-2 quality leads.

 –I have had training, workshops and business meetings with different Chinese companies. Met wonderful people – entrepreneurs in the same company mission as I. People who have taught me lots and who wants to collaborate out there in the world, sais Emil Grönholm, artist at Grönholm Print AB 

 Also, as this was an organized group activity, participants shared experiences and supported each other during the entire process. As a bonus, there were unexpected results in terms of new business collaboration between the companies after the trip. 

 Most of the entrepreneurs had never been to China before but embraced the difference in culture and took jetlag and intense workdays in their stride. They supported and encouraged each other through the whole journey and today they call themselves friends. 

 I’m like, did all of this really happen? I’ve really done it all, I’ve performed for countless people. Handed out almost 1000 business cards, had amazing meetings with talented entrepreneurs, gotten into business with huge enterprises, […] gotten tons of bookings and last but not least, made amazing friends! Wow, I guess that’s a week’s work @Shanghai, China, sais magician Pontus Lindman, Expect Magic


Now Dalarna Science Park continue the work with the businesses participating in the China Market Entry-program. We will support them in following up their leads in China and make sure they get the best result possible.