Talk more for better health

Talk more for better health

With the growing popularity in seeking health advice using digital means, Falun-based Pratamera (Talk More), which offers e-healthcare for mental health issues, is unsurprisingly also growing. Its managing director and founder, Patrik Hast, has arrived at a concept that is now under development in Sweden – but his plans are bigger than that. Much bigger! There to support him in that development is Dalarna Science Park’s Inkubator.

Focus is on maintaining high quality and helping patients. It is a competitive market, but Pratamera views itself to be a counterbalance to dominating businesses. Patrik Hast believes it is possible to be a sound alternative as he sets out to grow his business organically. The small business can also deliver quality and competence.

Rapid business growth!

Patrik started Pratamera in late 2017 and saw the business accelerate throughout 2018. Currently, it employs ten psychologists and therapists. Based in Sweden, Spain and Germany, their international character means that they can offer healthcare in several languages. In some places, physical meetings are also possible. But regardless of the form of meeting, the ambition is to be at the forefront in the field and to be modern-time psychologists.

Patrik Hast himself is qualified in CBT, sports psychology, leadership and mental health issues – and also has substantial IT skills, which are important in the building of a digital business. The building of the team is also important when people are in different locations.

– We have digital meetings and reviews just as any other workplace, and they work extremely well, states Patrik.

Care no matter where you are

Pratamera is growing; its number of patient appointments is increasing and, consequently, turnover is rising from month to month. Digital healthcare has many advantages: it is simple; waiting times are short; place is irrelevant. It is quite simply healthcare that everyone can access.

– Mental health issues are a big problem in society today, and statistics show that it is, unfortunately, one that is growing. Those in our profession are driven by a wish to help others, and we want to do that in our business in the best way possible.  Professionalism, friendliness and dedication are important bywords for us. We work strategically with the future in mind, and we have several exciting projects underway that also involve researchers. This type of digital therapy has been studied with good results. It is also a cost-effective way of working.

Business coaching in finances and leadership

Pratamera has been a Dalarna Science Park Inkubator business since the spring of 2019, where it has received business coaching in the areas of finances and leadership. Thinking strategically into the future in a digital world presents many challenges, and here, advice is a welcome contribution.

– It is an interesting company within an expansive field, says business coach Jörgen Steen. There’s a lot happening in e-healthcare. To be a successful start-up, you must be able to navigate correctly when it comes to both regulations and competition with bigger companies. Pratamera has demonstrated that its business model is sound, and it has found a strategy to scale up operations. We hope to be able to contribute with our coaching and the expert support that can be found among our Inkubator colleagues in other parts of Sweden.

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