University Steel Prize

University Steel Prize

The University Steel Prize is an award for students around the world, challenging you to come up with new, innovative ways to use high-strength steel. Through the years we have seen product upgrades, methods, and concept and design studies that truly have inspired the professional jury. They will evaluate your entry by applicability, profitability, environmental benefits, performance, innovation and creativity.

If you’re a student, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Winning the University Steel Prize means a chance  to attend the Swedish Steel Prize event in Stockholm, all expenses paid of course. It’s a meeting place for the steel business with 600-700 participants from all over the world. Quite a chance to network and get to know people and potential colleagues. Speaking of which, you will get support from SSAB, one of the best in the world when it comes to advanced high-strength steel, to further develop your project together with SSAB’s Knowledge Service Center, marketing department – or both. Winning or even being nominated will give you the publicity and recognition that makes you and your CV stand out from the crowd. All in all, the winner will most definitely return home a richer person. Not just experience-wise, your summer budget or bank account will increase with 20 000 SEK.
The University Steel Prize 2017 takes place in Stockholm May 10–11 and last date to send in application is 1st of April.

Entries can be a design study, a production method, a concept or an upgrade of an existing product.
Entries must include the use of high-strength steel.
It is not required that the entry is ready for market, but the proposal should be possible to realize.
All year groups within structural or mechanical engineering and material design programs may participate.
Entries can be from individuals or groups. Groups can have up to 6 participants.

Students that can apply for the University Steel Prize:
Have developed or upgraded a product, method, concept or design study, which is enhanced by the use of advanced steel grades
Are either studying mechanical-, design- , structural-, or material engineering, solid mechanics, manufacturing or even IT if they develop something related to steel
We warmly welcome applications from students of various levels: bachelors, masters and PhD students!

University Steel Prize 2017 is in cooperation with Dalarna Science Park.

Dalarna Science Park is a regional innovation arena which stimulate and manage the flow of knowledge between universities and companies in an environment that enhance a culture of innovation, creativity and quality. Dalarna Science Park work in a global network that gathers innovative companies and research institutions throughout the world.



University Steel Prize

The University Steel Prize is an award for students around the world, challenging you to come up with new, innovative ways to use high-strength steel.

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