Climate-driven growth in Inner Scandinavia, a cross-border region containing the four counties of Akershus and Hedmark (Norway) and Dalarna and Värmland (Sweden). Through commitment to green economic development through cross-border cooperation, the project will achieve added value and solve environmental and climate challenges. This will be done by utilizing different skills and strengths, and establish cooperation between business, research and innovation environments across the border. Within the focus areas Solar Technology & Energy Systems and Sustainable Building Technology, there is potential for partnerships and for achieving crossborder added value.

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Info about the project

  • Projektperiod:  1 juli 2018 – 30 juni 2021
  • Insatsområde:  SME Companies
  • Project owner Sweden:  Arvika kommun
  • Project owener Norway:  Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrom
  • EU-stöd : 904 675 €
  • Statlige IR-midler:  375 000 €  (3 638 625 NOK)
  • Totalbudget:  2 983 100 €